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About Us

Me vs. Me

Me vs. Me is a soccer training mentality I coined while I was growing up in the world of Soccer. When I was playing with elite travel teams I would often compare myself to other players both at my level and at the professional level.  Once I realized the only thing keeping me from being the best soccer player was myself, I began to improve at a greater pace.  Realizing that my journey is unique helped me grow and is a philosophy I share with all of my athletes.  Your child’s journey is unique and I am here to help them discover and guide them down their own path.

My Soccer Training Process

In 4 Steps


Meet and Asses

Our first step is to meet and asses your child’s skill level, strengths, and weaknesses.


Build and Design

Next, I will build a game plan of exercises, a weekly at-home schedule, and goals.


Train and Support

Next, we implement the plan meeting for weekly one on one trainings and then going over a set of activities to build on our training for the following week.


Grow and Improve

Last, we celebrate the progress and work on developing new skills and goals.


“I started SPL Academy because I was once in your child’s shoes.  I know what its like to practice and play games as a team while finding little time for personal advancement with soccer training.  I am here to help your child grow as an athlete so they can be a better teammate and all-around soccer player”


Student Reviews


Shawna is fun to work with and shows me new ways to improve my soccer skills.  I really enjoy working with her and practicing the weekly tasks she gives me.

Sawyer Hilliker
Shawna and Sawyer

Parent Reviews

Zion Family

Shawna has been amazing with our son!  We love the energy she brings to each practice and she always meets him where he is at both in his skills and his attitude.  Our son has grown tremendously in a brief period of time

Kristy and Zion H.
family, sun, love-7392843.jpg

Shawna’s professionalism, and attention to detail are paramount! By far one of the best personal trainers I have seen in the last 30 years. The amount of energy and simplistic approach she brings allows her to connect to my daughter on another level. We highly recommend Shawna if you are looking for a personal trainer to take your athlete to the next level.

Sergio & Crystal
girl, soccer, silhouette-7609103.jpg
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